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Please be sure to read which therapist offers the service. Prices are in the about section.



Every therapist is a registered massage therapist and can offer relaxation or therapeutic techniques to suit what you are looking for in your appointment

Bamboo Stick Massage

Bamboo (Rattan) Massage

Similar to hot stones various sizes and shapes of warm bamboo are used on the full body. Bamboo massage can be done warmed, cooled, or at room temperature. 
Melissa Batty RMT offers this service

Image by Ignacio Campo

Pregnancy Massage

Relaxation or therapeutic techniques can be provided with the ability to once again lie on your stomach with the help of our pregnancy pillow! If you prefer side laying no problem just mention that to your therapist. 
Melissa Batty RMT offers this service

Cupping Treatment

Cupping Massage

Plastic cups are placed on the body with a vacuum gun. This creates a suction within the cup helping to relieve fascial tension build ups. 
Fascial cupping is also available, which helps with TMJ/headaches/ and more
Melissa Batty offers both facial & body cupping 


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